We’re close, but still looking far ahead

We all have a very different year behind us compared to what we anticipated at its outset. In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic changed our daily lives as well as our ways of working, and required rapid measures to contain the situation. Our role as a socially critical actor and generator/supplier of uninterrupted energy has only become more pronounced under these exceptional circumstances. Our personnel deserve a huge thank you for this success, as they have shown brilliant adaptability and commitment to working together during the first year of the pandemic.

Regardless of the trying situation, we attained our economic and operational goals and finished the past year with all its challenges with good results. We maintained our customer satisfaction and the reliability of electricity and heat supply at an excellent level. The effective basic generation of district heat, among other things, assisted us in achieving a good economic result. COVID-19 has first and foremost been seen as cautiousness by our clientele: investment decisions have slowed down in these uncertain times.

We continued our journey with determination towards a coal-neutral Turku and the surrounding region. By the end of the year, 80 per cent of our district heat production was already being generated using renewable energy sources, and we promoted the abandonment of coal in co-operation with our affiliated company, Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy. Two coal-powered units were closed at the Naantali power station in July 2020 – a strong message of our future direction and journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow. During the last few years, we have managed to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions with our production solutions, and we will continue on this road following the steps outlined in our three-year environment and climate programme, which was completed at the end of the year.

Our personnel's transfer to remote work increased satisfaction among employees, as a more flexible working method than before was enabled as a result of the epidemic. However, working from home offices brought about the need to maintain the sense of community with new means. We will take these theories and observations into account as we prepare for the relocation of premises at the beginning of next year. We will move from Linnankatu Street next to the Aura River to the Itäharju district. For us, the move is much more than a mere transfer of furniture from one place of business to another. As a result of the move, we will enter into a completely new working environment, whose implementation will require careful planning and involve the personnel as well as change management. We look forward to what’s coming with excitement as the new facilities enable us to further strengthen one uniform Turku Energia, with the new premises supporting co-operation between the various units even better than before.

The year has been a different one – and this exceptional situation is not about to end yet. We will concentrate on our core task and ensure undisrupted supply of electricity and heat to our customers whilst looking to the future and taking with us the best teachings of it all. If anything is certain, it is that we are soon stepping into a different sort of everyday life. There's no going back to the old in the way that we have known it. We are carefully listening to our customers and their changing needs and expectations in order to effectively respond to them as their energy supplying partner – also in the years to come.

Timo Honkanen
Managing Director